Monday, August 31, 2009

Aldi Grocery

Near my home there is an Aldi in Stephens City. see below the items on sale this week and more info about the store. Kudos to momsneedtoknow for the details.

If you are unfamiliar with Aldi, they do not accept coupons nor do they accept credit cards or checks (cash and debit cards only). You will need to bring your own bags (or purchase them for a small fee) as well as a quarter for the cart. You get your quarter back when you return your cart.

I find Aldi to be a great source of inexpensive local produce and everyday low prices on dairy items. For example, a bag of baby carrots may be $1.50 at the grocery store, but only $.69 at Aldi. In addition, I like Aldi for the items for which there are often no coupons (or good coupons), or sales (things like pancake syrup, olive oil, etc.).

To find an Aldi near you, click here.

Deals This Week

Fit & Active No Sugar Added Fruit Snacks: $1.99

Bakers Treat Brownie Bites: $2.99

Sweet Harvest Applesauce Cups (4-pack): $.99

Peanut Delight (strawberry - this is like Goober Grape, and they do also have grape): $1.89

Peanut Delight Peanut Butter (40 oz): $2.89

Happy Farms Cheese Snack Sticks: $2.49

Happy Farms Cheese Spread Singles: $1.49

Lunch Buddies Dipping Snacks: $2.79

Fit & Active Drizzled Mini Crisps: $1.99

Fit & Active Chewy Granola Bars: $1.79

Southern Grove Nut Mix: $3.49

Kirkwood Chicken Rings: $3.99

Appleton Brown & Serve Links: $.89

Breakfast Best Buttermilk Pancakes: $2.99

Jumpy’s Potato Snacks: $3.49

Clancy’s Cheddar & Sour Cream Chips: $1.29

Clancy’s Pretzel Minis Multipack: $2.49

Cattlemen’s Ranch Roast Beef: $5.69

Mama Cozzi’s Mini Pizzas: $3.29

Kid Cuisine chicken Nuggets: $1.89

Nesquik Chocolate Milk Mix: $3.29

Belmont Imported Strawberry Shortcake: $4.99

Krusteaz Supreme Bar Mix: $1.99

Bon Italia Overstuffed Ravioli or Spaghetti Rings: $1.89

Fit & Active Flavored beverages (4-pack): $1.69

Mixade Light Drink Mix: $1.75

Mixade Drink Mix: $1.49

Welch’s 100% Fruit Juice (24 pack): $12.99

Crab Rangoon: $1.99

Cream Cheese Wontons: $1.99

Chicken Mini Eggs Rolls: $1.99b

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Home Cleaning Solution

As I prepared my classroom today and nearly fumigated myself along with the others in my hall with industrial (yet school safe they say), I decided to bring my own homemade cleaner with me to school tomorrow!

Tired of buying all of those expensive cleaners that take the nail polish right off your fingers? Got allergies or have sensitive pets such as birds?

Have I got a great solution for you! And of course you will save tons of money.
Start by gathering some rinsed out spray bottles!