Saturday, March 12, 2011

Soup at Hand Amazon Deal

Soup at Hand Amazon Deal

There are these staff members that buy lunch every day at school  That is $2.50 a day or $12.50 a week.  That is about $50 a month!!!!

Thankfully I have always done the Math and while most of the time we have left overs to bring, I can understand that if there are no leftovers- some might be buying it out of convenience.  It certainly has to be a convenience habit.  So let's be PROACTIVE and NOT REACTIVE.

Pop a few of these puppies in your desk, pair it with an apple and you are about $1.75.  I don't recommend this every day, but once a week would be great.  Also, try some lean cuisine meals in your rotation.  A diet program in your lunch bag!

Amazon Prime has a great deal on a case of eight for 10.17 during their Campbell soup sale.  Check out the invoice for my auto ship of the Classic Tomato variety!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Balance Shoes $24.99

Great sneaker (340 Running) deal for all of us that spend a lot of time on our feet and occasionally have time to run/walk.

I just ordered a pair of these and with shipping they were $33.19. 

It used to be you could wait for a sale at your local store, now it seems like you have to go to the mall or shopping center which for us seem about 30 miles away.  Factor in your gas prices and chances of finding New Balance Running shoes on sale!  This offer good today only at Joe's New Balance Outlet