Saturday, March 12, 2011

Soup at Hand Amazon Deal

Soup at Hand Amazon Deal

There are these staff members that buy lunch every day at school  That is $2.50 a day or $12.50 a week.  That is about $50 a month!!!!

Thankfully I have always done the Math and while most of the time we have left overs to bring, I can understand that if there are no leftovers- some might be buying it out of convenience.  It certainly has to be a convenience habit.  So let's be PROACTIVE and NOT REACTIVE.

Pop a few of these puppies in your desk, pair it with an apple and you are about $1.75.  I don't recommend this every day, but once a week would be great.  Also, try some lean cuisine meals in your rotation.  A diet program in your lunch bag!

Amazon Prime has a great deal on a case of eight for 10.17 during their Campbell soup sale.  Check out the invoice for my auto ship of the Classic Tomato variety!

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