I am a teacher..... 

that understands how to make a dollar stretch at home and school!

This blog was born in 2009 when teacher salaries were frozen and many other job sectors felt the pain of the failing economy.  I am a current teacher and even though we got a cost of living raise for the 2012-13 school year, it will be taken for the new Virginia Retirement contribution.  Many of us are taking home less than we did a couple of years ago and it does not go as far.

The blog was a record of my own ways of tracking ways to save money shared mainly with teaching friends via email and through what I called face to face Frugal Friday Meetings.

Recently, I have seen the interest of others wanting to save money no matter what the profession.  This is a great time of growth for Teachercents. Teachercents is growing.  We have been featured on pinterest.com  and people may follow us  with Google Friends Connect, RSS Subscription, and email.

If you maintain a blog and your blog seems "connected" in teaching thoughts, I would love to trade buttons/links with you! 

Heather  mhashley@gmail.com

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