Teacher Hacks

Teacher Hacks

My favorite ways to save time and money in the classroom!

Teacher Hack #1-  
Year Long Bulletin Board

I have received many compliments over the years on my bulletin boards.  Don't get me wrong, I am not an artist nor do I have jaw dropping bulletin boards.  Many if you could do better.

I think what others appreciate is how often they are changed.  I switch background colors and themes about every 60 days and try to incorporate student work. Combine that with the fact that I work at two different schools in the same day and now you see why they think I do well to keep up.

So my trick to all of this is to layer several background colors before adding my border.  When I need to switch color, I remove the border, tear off the old, and reapply a border.  Nearly done!

Here is my hack...

1- With scissors in hand, head to the supply of bulletin board paper.  (This should be done on one of those teacher work days, preferably before the school year starts)

2- Prepare to cut six differnet sets of bulletin board paper.  Think of the colors and months you want to use.

If you have enough space, you can think out loud, cut as you go and start from September. Lay the paper flat in individual piles.

Here are my ideas....

August/September= Black
October= orange
November=Black ( I have a special turkey project that will look good with black!)
December till Feburary=red

3- Before leaving the workroom area, make one pile in reverse order of use and roll up so your don't look so strange or like a paper hoarder.

From the bottom, put your colors in reverse order.


4-  Now you are ready to staple and trim each layer of background paper.  Whatever color you use at the end of the year goes first.   You only apply one border at the very last layer.

5- You can now amaze everyone with a quick B board change by simply removing the border, tearing off the first layer of paper and reapplying the border.

If you appreciated this "hack," I would love it if you would follow me through any of the options on the right.


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