Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year! Free Hot Chocolate or Coffee! Sheetz gas Station

Free Hot Chocolate or Coffee!  
At Sheetz gas Stations

Here is the press release statement citing the details!  This would work for the fountian hot chocolate (not the specialuty drink from the coffee bar and the drip coffee.

ALTOONA, Pa., Dec. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Sheetz, Inc. is thanking customers for their patronage with free coffee on Christmas Day, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. Customers who stop at any of the 329 Sheetz locations will be able to get any size cup of premium 100% Arabica bean coffee for free. The special runs for 24 hours beginning at midnight on December 25, then again from 4:00p.m. December 31 through 4:00p.m. January 1.

Still great for those of us who work outside and need a warm up!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Free BBQ Sauce

You can get a coupon for a free bottle of BBQ sauce by clicking this link and filling out the form.

I have tried this sauce and it is really good.  It is sold at Walmart.

Give it a try!  Just in time fore the holidays!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Free Orange Frozen Drink at Taco Bell

Free Orange Drink
A smooth, frozen orange and vanilla crème flavor dessert drink.

Ok, orange may not be my favorite, but for FREE I am willing to try this!  Little "cupcake" and I are  ridin solo tonight and I am headed to Taco Bell for a couple Chalupas and trip to Food Lion.  "Cupcake" will have leftover chicken cause human food and her would never mix.  Then I'll slip over to Food Lion using my cheat sheet I made from

This coupon expires 10/31/2010 so hurry!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Walmart Deals- Nearly FREE photos

I just good back from Walmart (Saturday 10/23/2010) and this early morning trip appears to have gone to the dogs! I had to get my little "cupcake" some cool doggie snacks and she was also out of the standard Puperoni!  I can't be out of that!

Pup-peroni $3.33- $1 Printable ofund on the Internet  I will settle for any Puperoni coupons

Cesar Dog treats were $2.98 but I had a standard clipped coupon for $2 off each! Only 98 cents! She has Prime Rib Flavor and Chicken now!

Bumble Bee Salmon Pouch 1.92 Save $1 off 2 coupon.  "Cupcake" loves a salmon treat!

Then I cashed in my FREE 2 5x7 Greeting card coupon which I found in one of those little insert mags in the newspaper a while back.  I had Cathy in the photo department lead me through it but I am a little disappointed because the coupons said CARDS and I got  5x7s and no envelopes.  Maybe we hit the worng option but if I had to pay full price I would not get them again.  Cost me 8 cents for two pictures on my "cupcake" so I can't complain too much!

Of course I got other things at Walmart including costume fabric!   You have got to see what I am making!

What did you find today?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Free Tissues

It is like a new age chain letter, but in a good way! 

Stop by the Kleenex web site and  take a turn sharing a sample pack with a friend who then sends one to another friend and you get to see you "chain" of tissue boxes on the Internet.  Hopefully someone sees fit to send you one as well!

Have fun!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Wisk for $1 at Family Dollar

Family Dollar Wisk Deal

Normally $4 but use the $3/1 PG 8/29 coupon and you get it for $1.

I think I have about four PG coupon packets.  Since I mainly use Kirkland powdered laundry soap from Costco (cool reusable bucket) this will be about a year's supply of Wisk for us to have on hand.  Use it for tough men's work clothes stains, grass stains, and when you want a scent to your sheets or other items that may need heaving cleaning.

Thanks Lady savings  and a shout out to Family Dollar and Costco for great deals as well as Wisk for teaching some of us how to get cleaner clothes!

You can also get a free travel size at Walmart or CVS if your local store is ok with printable coupons.  Try the Wisk web site for $1 off.

Head over to your Walmart pharmacy section of the store or CVS travel size bins near the baby section and look for travel Wisk good for one load.  I have not tried this so let me know if it works!  The coupon says nothing about size, so it is just a matter of finding a "sample" or "travel" product.

Friday, July 9, 2010

My Etsy Shop

My Etsy Shop

I told you I have been busy with ebay  (Asm22660) and (97bluedump) but I also got an Etsy shop which charges 20cents per item and keeps them listed till October!!!!!

I think it is the best deal going, the only thing it your items have to be vintage (20 years+) or handmade.  Since a lot of my clothes are handmade and many of the things in my attic (which I am cleaning this summer) are about  20 years old- a GREAT deal for me.

See my side bar on this blog for all of the things in my shop.

Soon I will have vintage gloves, license plates, and cookbooks.  Right now I have vintage sun dresses and will soon add nighties! Oh lal la!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Ebay 101

Sorry I have not posted lately but I made $115 off ebay last week!

I have been posting all of my great items for sale both on and with great success!

I'll post moe in a few days!

Monday, June 14, 2010

~~Make money selling your old books~~

Sell Used Books Online - Quick Cash, Free Shipping, Free Quotes!
~~Make money selling your old books~~
~~Make money selling your old books~~

So I heard about this company that will buy your old books and I have plenty to share.

I am thinking about ordering their barcode scanner which is $5 for the week, scan in as many books as you have and then send the unit back to them and they make offers on the books they want, and they pay for shipping of the books.  All money can be dumped into your account which in my case goes to directly to my checking account!

If you don't have a paypal account, you should sign up for and have at least one in the family.  It is the way folks pay for ebay purchases and now you can also use it on some websites to pay for purchases.  Free signup-do it before you find you need it! 

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Block Buster Movie Vending Unit Codes~Free Movie~~

Here are some codes to try at the BLUE vending units for blockbuster.  Here on the East Coast you can find them outside the Sheetz stores.










From a previous post of mine....

This is a blue vending unit now available at our local Sheetz store in Woodstock and Mt. Jackson and Front .  All movies are $1 usually and you will need a credit/debit card to secure the free ones as well. This is to ensure that they recognize your account (use same card for returning the movies) and they have financial security if you fail to return the movie.  They will just charge your card!  Ouch.

All movies are due by 9 pm the following day to avoid having to pay an additional $1 to rent the movie another 24 hours.

Get another free code/coupon for a rental just for registering! Register for Blockbuster Express emails These codes are limit 1 per credit card.

My personal steps to getting a movie-

1-Upload these codes to your smartphone via google docs or an email. If you have a standard phone type them into your address book with the heading of blockbuster! You could also use scrap paper!

2-Find the blue kiosk. The red ones are Redbox and you can google for similar codes to use with those.

3- Follow the screen prompts to pick a movie, scan your credit/debit card and then prepare to type in your email address. You might get communication via email with your account info. I never saw might but it might go to my spam folder.

4- movies are due back by 9pm next day- same kiosk- bring the same credit/debit card.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Taco Bell- Free drink!

Taco Bell- Free drink!

Taco Bell is offering a coupon for a free Limeade Sparkler from now till 7/11 or until 500,000 coupons have been printed.

They describe the drink as a refreshing mix of cool lemon-lime soda, REAL lime juice and natural cherry flavor poured over ice and garnished with a REAL lime wedge.

Thanks to Joe Fruggal who blogs at

Friday, May 7, 2010

Free Wendy's Frosty for a year!

Free Wendy's Frosty for a year!

Check you local Wendy's and report back on if yours is doing this!

Donate a $1 at Wendy’s to Dave Thomas Foundation of Adoption at Wendy’s and you’ll get a Frosty Key Tag. 
You’ll be able to get one FREE Jr. Frosty per transaction( through December 2010) per visit with any purchase. 

Free Pedometer- Over 18 years old

Count how many steps you take in a day!  Can you beat my usual 10,000?

Get your free pedometer!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Glade Air Freshener Gift Basket- free for first 6000!

In honor of Mother's Day
and for your mother

Glade Air Freshener Gift Basket- free for first 6000!

Enter by May 28, 2010

Non-winners get a coupon!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Free 8x10 canvas from Canvas People

There is a HOT offer right now at Canvas People! You can score a totally free 8x10 canvas (you pay shipping only!). Just upload your photo and create an awesome and unique gift or item for your home!

Do this right away!  Use a photo you have stored on line like at Shutterfly, Flicker, or Snapfish.  If you have your thumbdrive, search it!   So often we miss these because we think we will scan in a photo later at home- just use what you have near you now  because it is FREE!

I have decided to start doing one of these for every business and property location we have.  They will go in the new conference room we are making!

If you have never seen these before, just go HERE to view some of the really unique and beautiful canvas examples! If you choose a larger canvas, you'll receive a $55 credit!

My thanks to for this deal!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Free Energy Saving Bulbs!

Free Energy Saving Bulbs!

"Ready for your bulbs? We are currently only taking signups from the United States, though we do hope to be able to open this offer up to Canada and other parts of the world soon. This offer won't go on forever, we have a limited amount of bulbs, so hurry! Please only one sign-up per household, and please only take advantage of this offer if you have 2+ Incandescent (traditional) lightbulbs that could be replaced."

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Peebles 25% off coupon

 Peebles 25% off coupon

Good until May 2, 2010
Grab something already on sale and make it a great deal! 

You can use this once a day!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fleece Pullover- $16 Coldwater Creek

I just snagged this for $16 and change!  

Sale 25% and Free Shipping!  Check out the outlet for the real deals!

Think Mother's day!

Comes in red, purple, black and a few others!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Free Phone card!

Free Phone card -10 minutes

You may try it every day!  Lots of winners!

Colgate-Palmolive is giving away 50,000 calling cards on the premise that you are calling your mom for Mother's Day.  Of course, it does not have to be Mother's day!

Register and play their game, everyone is an instant winner of 10-minute cards. You may even get lucky and win one of 5 Grand Prizes(5,200 minutes). Game ends at 11:59 pm ET on 5/30/10.

You'll get an on-screen pin number as well as an email confirmation.

Here are directions for using it!

To use your 10 minute pre-paid calling code:

1) Dial 1-800-200-8011 and listen for instructions.

2) At the prompt, enter your unique calling code PIN number

3) At the prompt, dial area code + phone number. For international calls: Dial 011+ Country Code + City Code + Phone Number

For help with your card, 1-800-819-9641 for 24-hour Customer Service. Game Prize Calling Codes will expire 3/15/11.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Free Dog item- Grandma Bowser treats!

Free Dog item- Grandma Bowser treats!

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter your mailing information in the form.

 Grandma Bowser will send you a sample of her dog biscuits, made from tasty human-grade ingredients and baked in their licensed human-grade bakery in PA.

Friday, April 9, 2010

So I am not feeling so very frugal and fun today (looooooong week) and plan to take off to the hospital to see a family member and not have a face to face Frugal Friday meeting today, but I want to leave you with a GREAT ink tip for work and home!

You can Save money on ink by changing your font to one that does not use as much!

See this article for more information

"Century Gothic and Times New Roman topped the list for savings Calibri, Verdana, Arial and Sans Serif were next, followed by Trebuchet, Tahoma and Franklin Gothic Medium. Century Gothic uses about 30 percent less ink than Arial."

Schools and workplaces across America are asking their staff to make this change on everything from Word to Groupwise!

Directions: Open Word, go to Format - Font, select the font and then in the lower left part of the window, click on the Default button. It will prompt you and it is set!

Further Assignment for those who are techie or want to be- apply this knowledge to everything you print. You change the font similarly in all programs so you could use this for Internet, student progress reports and more!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Blockbuster Movie Code List

Blockbuster Movie Code List
Updated April 8, 2010

This is a blue vending unit now available at our local Sheetz store in Woodstock and Mt. Jackson and Front Royal Handy Mart! All movies are $1 usually and you will need a credit/debit card to secure the free ones as well. This is to ensure that they recognize your account (use same card for returning the movies) and they have security if you fail to return the movie.

All movies are due by 9 pm the following day to avoid having to pay an additional $1 to rent the movie another 24 hours.

Get another free code/coupon for a rental just for registering! Register for Blockbuster Express emails  These codes are limit 1 per credit card. Go here to register or  find a Blockbuster Express kiosk near you.

This information was orginally gathered from

My personal steps to getting a movie-

1-Upload these codes to your smartphone via google docs or an email. If you have a standard phone type them into your address book with the heading of blockbuster! You could also use scrap paper!

2-Find the blue kiosk. The red ones are Redbox and you can google for similar codes to use with those.

3- Follow the screen prompts to pick a movie, scan your credit/debit card and then prepare to type in your email address.  You might get communication via email with your account info.  I never saw might but it might go to my spam folder.

4- movies are due back by 9pm next day- same kiosk- bring the same credit/debit card.

OUFXMV – Get a free one night rental (exp 4/17)
6HHQLC – Get a free one night rental (exp 4/17)
ETKGH7 – Get a free one night rental (exp 4/17)
ICA33W – Get a free one night rental (exp 4/23)
VGG8U2 – Get a free one night rental (exp 4/23

Sunday, March 21, 2010

~~Free Cowgirl T- Shirt~~ 18 years and over...

Texas Steakhouse Membership rewards!

This works!  A great discount card and really cute shirt! Updated April 9, 2010
Discount coupons, advanced seating and a free T-shirt!  Guy shirt also available!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Facebook Freebie

Facebook Freebie

Become a fan of Ritz Crackers and get a free sample HERE

Have you looked at my other free samples lately?  Become a follower of my blog and your snail mail will never be the same!

~~Girl Stuff~~

Kotex is offering a free sample package of three girly items! 
This offer is available to U.S. residents in the continental U.S.
Limit two samples per household while supplies last. 

Free Carefree Liners Sample – Still Available

Free Stayfree Thermo Control Pad Sample

OB Sample & Case

Kotex Sample

Stayfree Sample

Sunday, March 14, 2010

March 15, 2009-Personal Planned Deals

March 15, 2009
Personal Planned Deals

I just wanted to share my personal shopping plan this week.   I scour the Internet and pick and choose the really good deals.  I mainly use so if you are looking for the on-line coupon links referenced here-look her up!  CVS deal scenarios by

Food Lion Ends-3/16
Russet potatoes 5 lb bag 99¢
Food Lion Cheese 8oz, shreds or chunks $1.66 Delete

CVS ends -3/20/10
Deal scenarios by

Stayfree Pads 24 ct.
$3.89 and earns $2 in ECBs (limit 4)
B1G1 coupon 1/3 RP, $1 off – IE, FF
Get 2 for FREE + profit after both coupons and ECBs

Dove or Degree Deodorant
$2.50 each and earns $5 in ECBs WYB $15 worth (limit 1)
$3/2 for Degree Men, Degree Girl or Dove Ultimate
Only $0.16 each after 3 printable coupons

Snickers Candy Bars
$0.50/2 coupon 2/21 RP
Only $0.25 each after coupon

Betty Crocker Warm Delights
$0.50 printable, $0.50 off 2/7 SS
Only $0.49 after coupon

Covergirl Outlast or Shineblast $8, get $3 ECBs (Limit 2)
B1G1 Cover Girl Product, exp. 3-31-10 (P&G 02/07/10)
$1/1 Cover Girl Product, exp. 3-31-10 (P&G 02/07/10)
$2.50/2 Cover Girl Face Product, exp. 3-31-10 (P&G 02/07/10)
Deal Scenario
Buy (2) Covergirl Lip at $8 ea.
Use (1) BOGO coupon
Use $1/1 Coupon
Pay $7, get $6 ECBs (Makes it $0.50 each)

Nature’s Bounty
B1G1 (psa $4.99)
$2 printable – use zip code 90210
Only $0.50 each after sale and 2 coupons

$3 ECB wyb $10 Easter Candy (Limit 2)
• Reeses Miniatures $3.99
$2/1 Hershey’s, Reeses, or Cadbury Candy, exp. 4-4-10 (SS 03/14/10)
• Hershey’s or Nestle Candy Bars $1.50
$1/1 Hershey’s Extra Dark Bar or Bag, exp. 3-14-10 (SS 01/10/10)
• Starburst or Sweettarts $2
$1/2 Starburst Jelly Beans printable
$1/2 Starburst Jellybeans, exp. 6-6-10 (RP 03/07/10)
• Eclipse or Orbit $1.50

Simply Asia Product
$0.50 off 2/7 SS
Only $0.50 after coupon

Right Guard Deodorant
$2.50 and earns $2 in ECBs WYB 2
$2/2 printable
Only $0.50 each after coupon and ECBs

Aussie or Herbal Essence Shampoo, Conditioner or Styler $2.99, get $1 ECBs (Limit 1)
$2 off Aussie Shampoo AND Styling Aid, exp. 4-30 (RP 3/14/10)
$1/1 Aussie Product, exp. 3-31-10 (RP 2/14/10)

FREE Herbal Essences Styling Product wyb shampoo, exp. 3-31-10 (P&G 02/07/10)
$1/1 Select Herbal Essences Products, exp. 4-30-10 (RP 03/14/10)
Deal Scenario
Buy (1) Herbal Essences Shampoo or Conditioner at $2.99
Buy (1) Herbal Essences Styler
Use $1/1 Herbal Essences coupon
Use Free Styler scoupon
Pay $1.99, get $1 ECB (makes it $0.99 for two products)

Glade Sense & Spray Kits
$6 each and earn $4 in ECBs WYB $10 worth (limit 2)
$3 off printable
Only $1 each after 2 coupons and ECBs

Kashi Cereals or TLC Bars $2.50
B2 Kashi Cereals G1 Kashi Bar Free printable (Target Manfacturers coupon)
$1.50/2 Kashi TLC Bars printable
$1.50/1 Kashi Crackers printable (IE) or printable (FF)
$1.50/1 Kashi Heart to Heart Cereal printable (IE) or printable (FF)
Deal Scenario
Buy (2) Kashi Heart to Heart Cereal
Buy (1) Kashi TLC Bars
Use (2) $1.50/1 coupons
Use B2G1 Free coupon
Makes it $0.67 ea. after coupons

Family Dollar

All Liquid Laundry Detergent $3.00
- Any 50 Oz. Or Larger - 02-07-10 RP $2.00/1 4/30/2010 =$1.00 each

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Free Dog Treat- Science Diet

Free Dog Treat- Science Diet

The free sample link pops up towards the bottom of the page!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Free Movie- Blockbuster vending unit!

Free Movie- from Blockbuster (Blue) vending unit!
They have one of these at our local Sheetz store.  You will need a credit card, but in the end you will not owe anything as long as you return it within 24hrs.  The card just helps them in case you never return it!

Get a free video rental at Blockbuster Express with the code GA13A2 (expires 3/16). Click here to find a location near you.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Free flower baseball cap!

Free flower baseball cap!

Click here and get a lovely free baseball cap in about 3-6 weeks!  Leave a comment when you get yours!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Walmart Deal List 2/28/2010

Walmart List


I need to go to Walmart anyway to return a watch that stopped working, so I thought I might as well coupon shop a little.

I searched some of the blogs I follow and made this list in Word by simply copying and pasting. Do this through igoogle and before search choose blogs from the drop down menu!

The best list for Walmart deal is found on the Money Saving Madness blog. She does a good job of posting deals from all over. You will even notice when some of the deals have been first found by another blogger.

I have most of the coupon links added now!

I am posting all that I found, but note that I will not be buying it all. Watch the Walmart prices in our area- they are not always the same as listed and then may not be such a good idea!

Roddenberry's Northwoods Syrup 24-oz. $1.74

-$.75/1 hangtag coupon on the product

Final Price: $.99

Malt O Meal Cereal 12 oz bags $1

-$.75/1 coupons here

Final Price: $.25 each

Ronzoni Pasta $1.28

-$.75/1 coupon from the 12/6 SS insert

Final Price: $.53

Mighty Dog Canned Food $.54

-$2/6 printable coupon- and click on the left under pet care

Final Price: $.21 each

(Thanks, Couponing to Disney!)

Smuckers Uncrustables $2

-$1/1 printable coupon  HARD TO FIND HERE

Yoplait Smoothies $2.50

-$1.25/1 printable coupon

Pay $1.25 after coupon!

Yoplait Fiber One Yogurt $2.23

-$1/1 printable coupon

-$1/1 coupon from the 1/03/10 SS GM insert

Pay $1.23 after coupon

Lunchables Subs without drink $1.76

-$.75/1 printable coupon- print out when you get Mighty Dog Q

Pay $1.01 after coupon!

Crab Classic $2.50

-$1/1 printable HERE

Pay $1.50 after coupon!

Johnson's Bath Buddies $.97

-$1/1 printable coupon  But I could not find it wiht my local zip code!  Change the zip in the upper left corner -but I don't don't know that it is right to do that so I choose not to.

FREE after coupon!

Chef's Requested Beef Fillets $3.96

-$3/1 printable coupon  You need to register!

Pay $.98 after coupon!

Ivory Soap $1.07

-$1/1 coupon from the 12/27 P&G

Pay $.07 after coupon!

Band-Aids $1.07 & up

-$1/1 coupon from the 1/03 RP insert

As low as $.07 after coupon!

Old El Paso Heat & Serve Sides $1

-$.50/1 coupon from the 1/03 SS exp. 2/27

Pay just $.50 each!

Rolaids 3-pack $1.62

-$4/2 coupon from the 1/03 RP insert

FREE after coupon!

Scrabble, Monopoly, Sorry, Scrabble Slam Card Games $5.24

-$4/1 printable coupon HERE and HERE

-$5/1 Sorry from the 2/7 USA Weekend

Final Price: $.24 or $1.24

Pictureka Card Game $5.24

-$5/1 printable HERE or HERE

-$5/1 from the 2/7 USA Weekend

Final Price: $.24

Buy two Pony Friends $5.64 each

Use BOGO Free My Little Pony printable coupon and HERE

Final PRice: $2.82 each

Tonka Chuck Pack $9.96

-$3/1 Printable HERE or HERE

Pay $6.96

Alert- It is being reported that Walmart has reduced the price of whole Sara Lee apple, pumpkin, and mincemeat pies to as low as $1. Some stores may have them slightly higher. Use the $1/1 Sara Lee Pies coupon to snag a whole pie for either FREE or very cheap!  This just in.... I was just denied a coupon!  Must be too many from my zip area?

Thanks, Alaska and Hawaii Deal Diva!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Friday, February 26, 2010

Pampers Cruisers-Qty 3 FREE

Pampers Cruisers-Qty 3 FREE
Click HERE to get a free sample of pampers cruisers! If you don't have young children consider getting the sample for your church nursery!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Walmart-Mighty Dog Canned Dog Food $.21

Mighty Dog Canned Dog Food, $0.54
Use B1G1 Purina Mighty Dog, exp. 4-1-10 (RedPlum Insert 02/21/10)
Use$2/6 Purina Mighty Dog printable coupon
Pay as little as $0.21 each after coupon

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

FREE Singular

FREE Singular

I can't believe it!  My perscription for Singular was just rung up at CVS for $0.00!  It retails for $131.11 and I would have paid about $35 with my insurance.

So to all those that doubt the use of coupons- THINK AGAIN!

When I was at my allergist last month I mentioned that I would like to start taking it as I should and be a better patient.  I just hate to take medication- except for the occasional  Migraine Excedrin.  Well the nurse was kind enough to take me up front and give me a hard card stock type coupon of sorts.  I figured I would still owe about $10, but free is good!

If your doctor does not have that coupon (Good on a new script only) try this $20 off deal.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Club Red- Free Red Scarf

Thanks to librarian Diane B. who brought to my attention 
a free scarf and subscription to Club Red by the University of Virginia!

This is an effort to protect your heart health!

Sign up for your free red scarf if you are in the Virginia Area.  Please note that they might do it no matter where you live and if you have success, please share that by posting a comment here!

Hallmark Free Card

My thanks to Susan S, library assistant for gaining my interest in the free Hallmark I have seen on the Internet. I did not understand it till she explained how easy it is!

She tells me it is as easy as going into the kids card section, noticing the banner across the top of the display and picking one of the free cards.   Just take it to the register but it will be totally free without tax.

Thanks for the tip.  I look forward to trying it Tuesday on my way home from work!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Create Change HP Contest

As part of HP’s Create Change program where they are giving away a laptop and printer, I am presented with the following question:  What are you or will you be doing in 2010 to create change and how will winning this technology bundle help your efforts?"

In 2010 I hope to inspire not only the students I teach but my co-workers in using the latest Web 2.0 technology to add a level of advancement to their lives. 

This laptop and printer bundle would enable me to  travel between home and school and readily allow others to try hands on application of the concepts I often teach and share in the computer lab.  I can see students being excited to use a laptop in my room that is similar to what they might want at home.  I can also imagine going to a teacher's rooms to show/not just tell them how technology can advance their lives and even help them save money as well as time.

While I know so many are deserving of this technology, what sets me apart from others is my capability and desire to share it with a large amount of very well deserving folks.  I am afforded the daily opportunity to share with over one hundred students a day and at least thirty -possibly more adults pass by my way.

At the end of the day, the laptop and printer would assist me in keeping my blog an open forum for sharing money saving tips and teach basic technology concepts with my readers.

Thank you for the chance to dream!

Starting February 23rd, you will be able to vote for your favorite entry. Whoever gets the most votes wins! Voting will officially end on February 28th at 11:59 PM EST. Winner will be announced on March 1st. US entries only, please.  Please check out all the entries including mine on

Mr. Mailman brought me.....

Today I got my coupon for FREE Migraine Excedrin!
Want your own?  Take a look at my post for the free coupon!

Restaurant Deal Alert

Restaurant Deal Alert

I was alerted today by a fellow teacher that there are coupons for local restaurants worth $25 but you pay just $2.  I believe this is the link she was talking about 

They sell $25 gift certificates for just $10 normally.  Restuarants sign up to do this as another means of marketing and drawing new folks to their location.

Other savings websites on the Internet have posted a special promo type code to use when ordering that makes them just $2 instead of $10! Use the code: SAVOR at checkout (valid through 2/28) to save.

Mike and I tried this once down at   IJ Canns  in Winchester, VA.  There is a minimum purchase and you need to give them the certificate as the tip was calculate don the full amount for us.  That was a little different but we did save a good bit. Really make sure you read the rules before you buy them as you most oftne HAVE to have two people and two dinner entrees.  No carry out.

So thanks to Melissa M. and a shout out to all other Special Education teachers out there for giving me an idea of a deal to post!

My thanks to savingcentswithsense who came up in 
google when I went looking for the code to use!

Food Lion Finds

Food Lion Finds 2/21/2009

  • Land O Lakes  (Stick butter if it is included in the sale) I have $1 off 2 spread
Found them and got two!
  • Tostitos BOGO because they are multigrain and a favorite of mine...I will look for a tearoff pad that has a Q or free salsa. Might get them even if I don't see that tearpad!
No coupon or tearpad but I got two bags! A really great healthy option snack.
  • Idahoan Instant Mashed Potatoes because I have a Q that printed out last time I shopped and it is for $2 makes them .99 to try and there are 14 cups of mash potato potential! 
My q was for $2 off two and they retail for $2.99.  Not a good deal and I left q for someone else!
  • Yeast .75 off Red Star and .40 off Fleischmanns...just because we are almost out.  Should be just a few cents in the end.
They don't have Red Star at Food Lion
  • Blue Bunny Ice Cream...printed the Internet Coupon from Southern Savers as she noted and I will be looking for vanilla for just .88!   Root Beer Floats?  I hear that there are shortages on the various flavors though.
Ummm...look like they are 2/6.00 at out FL and my Q us for only $1 no deal!
  • Land O Frost- Lunch Meats-  I am intrigued by one of the last posts on Southern Savers which mentions getting the Bistro Variety for free when the Q is applied.
I got two packs of meat for .50 cents each after Q-What a steal....hubby ate the one pack within about an hour!

Handed them $6 and nearly ran out of the store!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

CVS Deals

I Took about $56.98 with me. Sending and awaiting $26.98 in rebates.  Just $29.95 has been actually spent out of pocket when all is done. 

CVS Deal 2/21/2010

EARinse, $7.99
Get $7.99 ECBs (Limit 1)

FREE after ECBs!  Owe 7.99  7.99 ECB
Physicians Formula Bamboo Wear Powder or Bronzer Refill, $6.99  Rang as 9.99 so
Get $5 ECBs (Limit 1)                                                                       I will take back-ask!

$1.99 after ECBs!
*Some people report finding $5 peelies making it a money maker! Not in our area!
Just for Men Touch of Gray, $6.99
Just for Men Touch of Gray Mail-In Rebate
FREE after mail-in-rebate!
Used ECB 7.99= 9.84    6.99 coming to me from rebate.
ECB Coupon from last time for Dove chocolate bar FREE Found one for .50 but they rand as $2 off which is what it said on Q.
Almay Intense i-Color, $5.99
Get $2 ECBs (Limit 1)

1 of $2/1 Almay Cosmetic Product, exp. 3-14 (SS 2/7/10)
$1.99 after coupon and ECBs!
2-Airwick Freshmatic, $5.99
2 of $5/1 Air Wick Ultra i-Motion Kit, exp. 3-21-10 (SS 02/07/10)
$0.99 after coupon!        
$5 off $15 from from Extra Care Buck Card Scanner
I owed .14 cents! Mail in rebate on shampoo and will have made $4

1-Charmin Basic or Extra Soft, $4.99 (Limit 3)  12 count basic
I have the $1 off from Save a Lot booklet-sign up on their website.  IT is a manufacture coupon good at any store.
3.99 for 12 rolls of TP=33 cents not the world’s best deal.  There is a PG rebate buy $50 of products and get a very valuable coupon booklet so I might do it anyway- and it is softer!  I messed up though and bought two rebate items on one ticket.  I will choose the shampoo below for rebate.
Renpure Organics Conditioner or Shampoo, $4.99
Free Mail-In Rebate found on select bottles
FREE after mail-in rebate!
2-Buy 2 Revlon Nail Color Get 2 CVS Nail Polish Remover Free
$2/1 Revlon Color Cosmetic Product, exp. 3-28-10 (SS 02/21/10)
Final price varies!
Est 2.99 each nail paint but I have two $2Qs so 1.98
Total 4.91 for 12 rolls of TP 2 nail paints (think Birthdays) and polish removers  That would be five items at a little over $1 a piece.  All things I use. Plus I am going to submit the 4.99 rebate and will make 8 cents and get all items above FREE!

Oil of Olay Deal

They have a $15 rebate when you buy 3 items no matter what the price.  I have heard great thing about them and have decided to “play” out the deal.
2-Olay Regenerist moisturizers  (Hoping for night cream)  20.99 each ours 24.99
1 Olay Wash  8.99       1 Olay Lotion 7.49

Use 2  Olay $3 Qs PG 1/17
Free Q for wash if you buy Regenerist Moisturizer PG 2/7 The one with the mom/daughter skating-coupon have black background
Free Q for wash also PG 2/7
$5 off $15
Used about 13 ECB
Total: $34.05   ouch  Get back $12 ECB Sent in rebate for $15

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday Sales Day!

I have a Saturday Ritual.....

After housecleaning and laundry...somewhere about noon, I sit down with the sales matchups and make my shopping lists.  Since I believe in stockpiling, I can be selective and only buy items that are a good price.

For Food Lion I use Southern Savers.  They have an awesome program that makes the grocery list for you to print at the end.  However, my printer is a little expensive when it comes to ink so I use those little note pads that folks are always advertising their services on and I just write them down.  Then I make a pocket out of the list and another sheet for my Qs.

My Food Lion List is
  • Land O Lakes  (Stick butter if it is included in the sale) I have $1 off 2 spread
  • Tostitos BOGO because they are multigrain and a favorite of mine...I will look for a tearoff pad that has a Q or free salsa. Might get them even if I don't see that tearpad!
  • Idahoan Instant Mashed Potatoes because I have a Q that printed out last time I shopped and it is for $2 makes them .99 to try and there are 14 cups of mash potato potential!
  • Yeast .75 off Red Star and .40 off Fleischmanns...just because we are almost out.  Should be just a few cents in the end.
  • Blue Bunny Ice Cream...printed the Internet Coupon from Southern Savers as she noted and I will be looking for vanilla for just .88!   Root Beer Floats?  I hear that there are shortages on the various flavors though.
  • Land O Frost- Lunch Meats-  I am intrigued by one of the last posts on Southern Savers which mentions getting the Bistro Variety for free when the Q is applied.

So head over to Southern Savers if you want to see what I mean!  You hardly need any coupons in hand to do these deal I mentioned...she has many of them printable from the Internet!

My Family Dollar List

I posted earlier in the week the deals here.  Here is what I will look for:
  • All Allergy Free detergent for $2 with Q
  • Two Snuggle-Liquid or dryer sheet-$1.75 each
  • Speed Stick with Q for .50
  • Mr. Clean liquid and magic eraser- I will check the pricing and have my Qs just in case
  • Hershey Candy Bars- BOGO by the box it makes them .29 each with no Q
PEEBLEs Department Store   update  a 25%Q
I found an extra 20% coupon-two actually- in the newspaper Thursday and thought I would swing by while I am out.  They expire this weekend and good for one item.

Funny thing is I just googled Peebles 2/19 and found a printable 25% off good for one item.  Turns out I could print one a day for use till 3/2/2010  Here it is and now that I have a good deal, I will still take the others and pass on those other Qs to patrons I see while shopping. 

Poor folks need to be following my blog....

Do your homework, have a paper list, and your shopping experience will be better and less taxing than fumbling with Qs in the store!

 CVS match ups

  • Extra Care Deals-Rewards print on Qs at bottom of receipt

  • $7.99 ECB wyb EARinse Ear Cleaning Spray $7.99 Limit 1 free
  • $7 ECB wyb Revlon Photo Ready Makeup or Powder $12 AND Color Burst Lipstick $7 Limit 1  I also have a CVS Q on the bottom of my reciept I can stack with one of these!
    -$1 off Revlon Color Cosmetic, SS 1/17 (exp 2/21)
    -$2 off Revlon Color Cosmetic, SS 2/21Delete
  • **Deal Idea**
    Buy: (1) Revlon Powder $12
    (1) Color Burst Lipstick $7
    Use: (2) -$2 Revlon Cosmetic SS 2/21
    Total Due: $15
    Get Back: $7 ECB, makes it $4 ea
  • $2 ECB wyb Almay Intense i-Color $5.99 Limit 1
    -$2 off Almay Cosmetic Product, SS 2/07 (makes it $1.99)Delete
  • $5 ECB wyb Almay Smart Shade or Smart Balance Foundation $9.99 Limit 1
    -$2 off Almay Cosmetic Product, SS 2/07 (makes it $2.99)Delete
  • $5 ECB wyb any $15 Clean & Clear starting at $4.99 Limit 1
    -$2 off Clean & Clear printable
    -$5 off Clean & Clear Eraser
  • $5 ECB wyb Olay Pro-X Skincare Limit 1
    Free Secret Deodorant wyb Olay Pro-X Skincare PG 2/7
    Free Olay Quench Lotion wyb Olay Pro-X Skincare PG 2/7Delete
  • $12 ECB wyb (2) Olay Regenerist or Definity Facial Care Limit 1
    Cream, Treatment 1.7oz, Eye Derma-pod 24 ct, Intervention, Contouring, Dermabrasion Kit or Definity Facial Care
    -$3 off Olay Regenerist or Definity Moisturizer or Cleanser, PG 1/17
    Free Olay Body Wash wyb any Olay Regenerist Facial Moisturizer PG 2/7
    Free Olay Body Lotion wyb any Olay Regenerist Facial Moisturizer PG 2/7

  • Other Deals

  • Betty Crocker Bowl Appetit! or Simply Asia Entrée 99¢
    -.50/1 off Simply Asia product, SS 2/07 or printable
  • Charmin Ultra Soft 9 rolls or Basic 12 rolls $4.99
    -$1 off Charmin Save-A-Lot P&G booklet home mailer
    -$1 off Charmin “Thank You Mom” home mailer
    -.25/1 Charmin PG 2/07
I simply explain my method of organizing/saving and thinking. All of these deals are from Southern Savers

    Friday, February 19, 2010

    Frugal Friday~Free Movie & Movie Tip

    Frugal Friday~Free Movie & Movie Tip

    This week during our "Frugal Friday" face to face session, our talk seemed to center around movies.

    I myself do not spend money to go out to movies very often and rental is almost unheard of these days in our family.  Thanks to the Internet, I have been scoring a free movie rental code about once a week.

    Blockbuster blue video rental units can currently be found in our area including the local Sheetz gas station! Just go to google and looking up "Blockbuster code" from time to time to find a current code.

    BBXDVD1 is a Blockbuster vending code until 2/28/2010

    As we sat around the table we started talking about movies we had seen and those we own.  We quickly figured out that it would be neat to find a system that would allow us to share our movies with each other.  A few of us agreed that a system similar to the old way of checking out library books would allow use to securely share movies with others. 

    Stay tuned to see if one of these Frugal Fridays, we actually do a movie rental/exchange.

    Until then, grab an old time popcorn popper, some cheap corn and your free movie and enjoy a relaxing night at home!

    If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment and becoming a follower!

    Free-Lever Soap Sample Costco Members

    Grab your Costco Member Number and sign up for this free Lever sample.  Takes 4-6 weeks !

    Thursday, February 18, 2010

    Free- Pet in Case of Fire Decal

     "Save your pets from house fires and get your FREE pet decals today."

    This decal would be great to post on your door so that in case of fire,
    rescue will know how manys cats, dogs, etc. are in your home.

    Totally Free- please post a comment when yours arrives!  And consider "following" me!

    Wednesday, February 17, 2010

    FREE LUNCH-Taco Bell FREE Taco

    Only 1 million free printable fresco coupons available. They are good for up to 7 days from the time you print them.   Hurry!

    Free Kashi Cereal SAMPLE

    And this is sooooo good!

    Totally free and sent through the mail!  No coupon needed.

    This is a great size to take to work and my sample lasted for two meals!

    Tuesday, February 16, 2010

    What changes have you made to save money?

    What changes have you made to save money?

    Here is my list for the past few years.....
    2008 Gave up Subscription $39- another family member to be administrator
    Silkies automatic pantyhose delivery about $48 every few months
    Professionaly Done Nails $40 monthly (They needed a break anyway)
    Gym Membership $42
    Re-evaluated life insurance and cashed in one policy for $3000
    Began to buy new CFL light bulbs
    Gave up P. Buckley Moss Society Membership/prints $55 a year

     Give up local newspaper subscription. $79.50
    304B contribution reduced to $100 from $500 (No raise in salary this year)
    Work on couponing and stockpile more
    Sell more on ebay
    Learn to quickly transfer money from checking to money market
    Do not renew Family Fun subscription and any others coming due.
    Keeping Washington Post only on Sundays only for coupons
    Open a savings account at the credit union for 2.5% interest!

    Looked over credit Card Statements for recurring payments. Chek out more about this HERE!
    (We found a set of three magizine subscriptions that have apparently been on there for 3 years!  We never agreed to them and in total they would be close to $300!  Currently disputing the charge!)

    Consider getting a flea market space to sell old items and declutter faster than the time it takes to do ebay.

    Switch to a better rewards credit card for personal and another for business.  We currently have LL Bean and Cabelas which give certificates to use on clothing/gifts.  Considering a Disney Rewards card!

    Transfer all extra checking account and money market cash to that 2.5% credit union account.  Maybe make a seperate one for a vacation or Christmas fund.  Why have I not done that already?

    Get all holiday and birthday shopping done by June...the rest of the time can be for the enjoyment of the holiday season! We also would save $$$$. 

    Create a blog that might one day bring in some revenue.

    Work on a back up plan for the day job by doing freelance writing and getting my manuscripts out to publishers.

    Really work harder on saving electric by using a check off list weekly!

    Install gas fired hot water on demand unit and insulate our attic!

    Inspire us by posting your own saving goals and consider following this blog!

    Family Dollar coupon match ups

    Family Dollar Coupon Match Deals 2/14-2/23/2010

    All Liquid Laundry Detergent 32 loads $4.00

    - any - 02-07-10 RP $2.00/1 4/30/2010 =$2.00 each

    Snuggle Fabric Softener 24 loads $2.50

    - any - 01-31-10 RP $0.75/1 3/21/2010 =$1.75 each

    Mr Clean 40 oz., Magic Eraser 2 Pack or Trigger Spray 32 oz. $2.50

    -Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, Any - P&G's Home Made Simple Booklet $0.75/1 3/31/2010

    -Mr. Clean Multi-Surface Liquid, Any - P&G's Home Made Simple Booklet $0.75/1 3/31/2010

    -Mr. Clean Multi-Surface Spray, Any - P&G's Home Made Simple Booklet $0.75/1 3/31/2010 =$1.75 each

    Shout Laundry Products gel or spray $2.75

    -, Any - 01-10-10 SS $0.55/1 3/6/2010 =$2.20 each

    Speed Stick Antiperspirant/Deodorant $1.00

    -any excluding 0.5 oz - 01-31-10 SS $0.50/1 2/20/2010 =$.50 each

    Palmolive Liquid Dish Soap 29oz $1.75

    - any 20-25 oz.+ - 01-31-10 SS $0.40/1 2/20/2010 =$1.35 each

    Kellogg's Froot Loops 12.2 oz $2.00

    -$1.50/2 here = $1.25 each wyb 2 ( Do a Price Match (PM) @ WalMart for any IP deals.)

    Cover Girl Liquid makeup $4.50 , mascara $4.00

    -Covergirl face product WYB Covergirl face product, Any - 02-07-10 PG B1G1 3/31/2010 =$4.50 for 2

    Gillette Deodorant Products $3.00

    - any (excludes trial size) - 12-27-09 PG $1.00/1 2/28/2010

    - Gillette Body Wash WYB Gillette Anti-Perspirant/ Deodorant, Any (excludes trial size) - 02-07-10 PG B1G1 3/31/2010 =$2.00 for both deo and bodywash using both coupons listed or $3.00 for both deo and bodywash using the BOGO. ( YMMV on using both at Family Dollar)

    Tampax 20ct shown $3.00

    - any (Manu. Coupon w/ Save a Lot logo) $1.00/1 3/30/2010 Home Mailer =$2.00 each

    Vicks NyQuil $4.25

    -, Any - 01-17-10 PG $2.00/1 2/28/2010 =$2.25 each

    Hershey's 6pack candy bars BOGO @ $3.50

    - No coupon but a good price for 12 bars total!= $.29 each

    Monday, February 15, 2010

    Walmart Free Samples

    This is a website worth bookmarking as it changes week to week.

    They offer samples of everything from meds, baby and personal products to pet food samples.

    Start sending them to your family members and they will enjoy treats in the mail!

    ~~Migraine Excedrin FREE~~

    ~~Migraine Excedrin FREE~~

    Go here, answer one simple question (choose anything other than Excedrin) and fill in your information to have a coupon for a FREE bottle of Excedrin mailed to you.
    UPDATE:  Mine came in  the mail 2/22/2010!

    Sunday, February 14, 2010

    Free Dog Leash from Snapfish

    Free Dog Leash from Snapfish

    Cookie and I just ordered a dog leash with her picture alll over it from Snapfish.

    It was totally FREE including free shipping!

    Go to and sign up for a new photo account.  Upload your dog's phot and instead of opting for the 20 free prints, apply the credit towards the $19.99 dog leash.  For that matter you might be able to choose something of the same or even less value.

    Right now and through 2/19 you can get free shipping form Snapfish when you use the code PRESDAY at checkout.

    One tip- use a Visa Credit card when you go to pay as Paypal has trouble charging you a balance of zero!

    Stay tuned for a picture I will post when ours arrives....meanwhile here is the picture we chose to use.

    Saturday, February 13, 2010

    ~~Dollar General Roses $1 and balloons?~~

    ~~Dollar General Roses $1 and balloons?~~

    Note:  The flowers seen above are not the actual ones from Dollar General!

    Our local Dollar General is carrying pre-wrapped fresh roses of various colors for $1 each!  Buy a dozen and make your own arrangement!  They also have chocolate roses!

    Click here for the Dollar General Valentine Flyer

    Word has it that they are doing this in all their stores and some even have helium balloons.  So now, even if you find yourself strapped for cash this Valentine's Day- you can still get something!

    Friday, February 12, 2010

    ~~Outback Steakhouse Nationwide Valentine Deal~~

    ~~Outback Steakhouse ~~
    Free  $10 certificate & Mp3
    This is a national Valentine’s Day Special! It is available from Friday 2/12 thru Sunday 2/14 and there is no minimum purchase to receive the $10 off coupon & free Tim McGraw download.

    Someone mentioned that you might just go in fr sesset or an appetizer and you will still ge the deal!

    Please note the $10 off certificate is good for a future order when 2 entrees are purchased, anytime between February 15th & March 31st, 2010.

    (My thanks to Thrifty Northwest Mom and

    Save money and pack lunch!

    Save money and pack lunch!

    Even buying an adult lunch in a school cafeteria adds up. At approximately $2.50 a day and you  have spent $50 a month on low quality food.   Save that money and buy some steaks!

    Here you see my lunch. Healthy including steam carrot s and brown rice, but I know that first day of the week I might need something salty, sweet, or pure candy so I am taking along a little sampling of snacks for the desk drawer. 

    You can save money by keeping snacks like this in your desk drawer. Sized just right they also save $$$ as the going rate is at least .60 from a vending machine and these cost .25.

    See where doing the Math and planning ahead can save you money?  Run to the store and take your coupons.  Stock up when there are good deals!

    Bring your own drink too. You can see I have two, one with water and one sweet tea. I might even bring a can of coke which would sell for $1.25...but of course I got them for dirt cheap on sale. Some folks even keep a variety of drinks in the back of the car in a cooler. One post on a blog mentioned a gallon of spring water in a cooler for bottle refills.

    So what ways can you think of to save on lunch?