Monday, May 3, 2010

Free 8x10 canvas from Canvas People

There is a HOT offer right now at Canvas People! You can score a totally free 8x10 canvas (you pay shipping only!). Just upload your photo and create an awesome and unique gift or item for your home!

Do this right away!  Use a photo you have stored on line like at Shutterfly, Flicker, or Snapfish.  If you have your thumbdrive, search it!   So often we miss these because we think we will scan in a photo later at home- just use what you have near you now  because it is FREE!

I have decided to start doing one of these for every business and property location we have.  They will go in the new conference room we are making!

If you have never seen these before, just go HERE to view some of the really unique and beautiful canvas examples! If you choose a larger canvas, you'll receive a $55 credit!

My thanks to for this deal!

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