Monday, September 7, 2009

Food Lion 9/5/09 Pictures of Deals

My Food Lion Deals Sept 5, 2009
missing from the photo is another Reese cup and diet coke
And I will return for more strawberries as the FLIP ends Sept 8th

3-Individual Reese Peanut Butter Cups
@.89 regular
-1.35 MVP BOG1F
-.89 Q BOG1F
-.55 Q off any Reese
+12cents they owed me! :-)

-.49 MVP deal (2.50)
-1.00 FLIP I forgot it though so I paid the extra $1
1.50 not bad and I need for breakfast/lunch

6-Nabisco Cheez its and cookies 12ct bags in a box
@5.89 Regular
-6@-.90 MVP which makes them 4.99
-3 Qs @ 1.00 each
27.98 give or take a penny
-10 mail in Back to school rebate
17.98 for 6 boxes about 2.99 each with 12 in each box that is less and a 25 cents a piece! Right?

Not back-maybe use as a class reward or something. What about giving out at Halloween?

2-Kraft American Singles- white was the only one that had a sales sticker
@3/6.86 so 2.28reg
-1.24 MVP
-1.00 Q off 2
subtotal 4.56
after MVP 3.32
after Q 2.32
each 1.16
Good deal

My total on receipt says 38.72 saved 14.71

2.50 for the berries
27.98 for the snacks till I mail in rebate
2.32 cheese
Had to get father in law extended life milk 3.49 and caffeine free diet coke on sale for 2.50 -deduct 5.49 from my grocery bill as he pays me back.

38.29 11th the rest being tax.......not too bad really! Gotta do that refund today though


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Dollar General

You know- you should not be overlooking the dollar store. They run sales and when you match with coupons you get a good deal.

Try using sites that have done the legwork for you like and see the Dollar Sore deals here.

My favorite things regardless of sales:

Ziplock type bags
deodorants with any Qs I have
lifesavers mint candies
lysol liquid or pine sol with Qs
Baby oil
bobby pins
cheap pretzels
hot dog and hamburger buns
single candy bars with qs

Friday, September 4, 2009

Give up your dryer and find $$$ andh get exercise!

So the first thing to go from my monthly pay deductions was my gym membership! I mean really-we could all get a work out by cleaning our homes....some of us even do leg weights.

So in Spring 2009 I said good bye to my dryer. It will now be a rare occasion to use it.

I hang all of my clothes outside. Be advised that you should hang them in an organized fashion and use clothespins. Hide the underwear over in the far corners just in case google earth snaps a pic or the minister decides to pay you a surprise visit!

If it is raining or late in the day till you get home, hang them on hangers in your basement! I have a dehumidifier which we often have to run and they get dry really fast.

And lastly, I would like to say that I now know why Mike's grandmother had a string with clothespins all the way across the attic. I never took it down thankfully. I will give you a clue-rhymes with recession! My winter plan!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Frugal coupon and saving sites

Moneysaving mom

Deal Seeking Mom

SW Virginia Saving Money Blog

Kashi Cereal Sample

Kashi Cereal Sample

Be prepared for the next time we have a coupon deal and know your favorite flavor!

Make money selling your books!

Gather your books! I would like to hear from you as to which books "sell" the best. Sell them here!

Food Lion 9/2/2009

Food Lion 9/2/2009

Notes: This is just an ordinary week at Food Lion. I will find myself making one trip just to get a few items I need anyway.

A comment about the All You is sold on the stand at Walmart but you can get a subscription. Folks that coupon love all of the deals inside, but many have recently shared that when you buy it off the Walmart shelf as a single copy there seem to be more or different coupons. I have never bought one and though I was considering a subscription, I may not now.

Finally, scope out your list and highlight or circle what you will purchase. Take time to look at all of the Food Lion posts on the net for this week and read the comments. Sales start Weds. every week but I end of waiting and reading and going about Thur/Fri. Sometimes you find one or two items that are so cheap you should stock up on them. A good place to start is southernsavers

Things I need: extended shelf life milk
Caffeine free diet coke

Fresh Produce

Cantaloupes B1G1 at $2.50 (99c at Martin's)

Strawberries 1 lb $2.50 ea
$1 off FLIP exp 2/8

Roma Tomatoes $1.39 lb


Fresh Chicken Leg Quarters .39¢ lb
Fresh Ground Round $2.99 lb
Pork Back Ribs $2.99 lb
Ribeye Steak $4.88 lb

Snow Crab Clusters $3.99 lb
-$5 off $20 from Meat Department printable

Tilapia Fillets $2.99 lb

Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Shaved Lunch Meats $3 ea
-$1 off Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Meats Kraft Food & Family Sept ‘09
-$1/2 Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Meats August Sunset Magazine

Oscar Mayer Meat or Beef Franks B1G1 at $3.51-$3.94
-$1/2 Oscar Mayer Franks printable

Virginia or Honey Ham or Roast Beef Deli Meat $3.99 lb

Tyson Family Pack Chicken $6.99 ea
-$1 off Tyson Frozen bagged chicken SS 8/02 or August All You Magazine

Breyers Yogurt .40¢ ea

Kraft American Singles 12 oz $1.66 ea
-.75/2 Kraft Singles Kraft Food & Family Magazine Sept ‘09
-$1/2 Kraft Singles RP 8/09
-$1 off any Kraft Dairy Product July Ladies Home Journal

Birds Eye Voila B1G1 at $4.99

Breyers Ice Cream B1G1 at $5.29
-$1 off Breyers Ice Cream “Raise your Hand for Savings”

Cool Whip Whipped Topping $1 ea
Free Cool Whip wyb (1) Jell-o mix and (1) Vanilla Wafers tearpad

Klondike Ice Cream Novelties and Slim-a-Bear $2.50 ea

Starbucks or Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream 1 pint $2.50 ea
-$1 off Starbucks Ice Cream RP 8/09 printable
-$2 off Starbucks Ice Cream, SS 6/21

Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad B1G1 (price not listed)

Nature’s Pride 100% Wheat Bread B1G1 (price not listed)
-.75/1 Nature’s Pride bread SS 8/16

Folgers Can Coffee 27-34 oz $6.49 ea
-.25/1 Folgers RP 8/02

Food Lion Purified Water Or Aquarius Spring Water 24 pk, B1G1 (price not listed)

Pepsi Products 12pk cans 5 for $12

Quaker Cap’N Crunch Cereal or Post Cocoa and Fruity Pebbles $2 ea
-$1/2 Post Kids Cereals SS 7/26 (exp 9/06)

Food Lion Mayonnaise and Whipped Salad Dressing 32 oz, $2.50 ea
-$1 off Food Lion Mayonnaise printable (store coupon)

Mt. Olive Squeeze Sweet Relish .99¢ ea
-.50/1 or $1 off Mt. Olive product SS 8/16, 7/19 (makes it .50¢ to FREE)

-.75/1 Mt. Olive products SS 8/16, 7/19

Food Lion Tortilla Chips $2 ea

Hershey’s Singles B1G1 at .89¢
-.55/1 Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups SS 8/23

Lay’s Chips B1G1 at $3.99
-$1/2 Lay’s Chips July All You Magazine

Household/Personal Care

Alstro/Gerber Bouquets $3.99 ea
-$1 off $3 Floral purchase printable (store coupon)

Sundown Vitamins B1G1 starting at $4.29
-$1 off Sundown Vitamins printable
-$5/2 Sundown Vitamins RP 7/12 (regional)
-$3/2 Sundown Vitamins
printable (IE) or printable (FF)

Food Lion Adult Cat Food, or 7 Lb. Home 360 Cat Litter B1G1 (price not listed)

Glade Fragrance Collection Candles B1G1 at $5.99 Gift Idea!!!!!!
-$3 off Glade Fragrance Collection August All You Magazine
-$3 off Glade Fragrance Collection printable (makes it FREE)
-$4 off any Glade Fragrance Collection coupon on select products
-$3/2 Glade The Fragrance Collection Products SS 8/9 or printable
-$2 off any Glade Fragrance Collection

Dixie Plates, Bowls 28-48 ct ,or Napkins 200ct $2 ea
-$1/2 Dixie plates, bowls or napkins RP 8/16
-.35/1 Dixie plates, bowls or napkins RP 8/16
-.50/1 Dixie Plates printable

Glad Kitchen and Trash Bags 14-26ct $3.99 ea
-$1 off Glad Force Flex bags printable (IE) or printable (FF)
-.50/1 Glad Trash Bags in store dispenser

Scott Paper Towels 6-8 rolls $4.99 ea
-$1 off Scott Naturals SS 8/09

Smart Option Foam Plates and Bowls 40-50 ct $1.29 ea

Walmart Deals as of 9/2/2009

Walmart 9/1/2009

Thanks to for giving me my start. I will update with what I find at my local store.

Yoplait Fiber One Yogurt $2.08
Use $1.25/1 Yoplait Fiber One Coupon
Final Price: $0.83

Betty Crocker Frosting $1.44Use $0.50/1 Betty Crocker frosting, Any 8/9 SS (exp. 10-3-2009)

Final Price: $0.94

Martha White Cornbread Mix $0.72
Use $0.55/2 Martha White Baking Mixes 8/9 RP (exp. 11-30-2009)
Final Price: $0.45

Eggo Waffles (All Varieties) $1.50
Use $1.00/2 Kellogg's Eggo 8/2 Insert (exp. 9-27-2009)
Final Price: $0.50 (A lot of us used them already with the Food Lion sale! Yumm!)

Land O Lakes Deli Cheese $5.98/lb.
Use $1.00 off 1/2 lb. of Land O Lakes Cheese
Final Price: $1.99 for 1/2 lb.


Renu Fresh Lens Comfort $1.47 (Trial Size)
Use $2.00/1 Renu Fresh Lens Comfort Coupon
Final Price: Free after Coupon

Skintimate Shave Gel $2.24
Use $1.00/1 Skintimate Shave Cream Or Gel, Any 8/2 SS (exp. 9-26-2009)
Final Price: $1.24

Dove Visibly Smooth Deodorant $3.62
Use $2.00/1 Dove Deodorant Coupon
Final Price: $1.62


Pull Up Wipes $1.64
Use $2.00/2 Pull Up Wipes Coupon
Final Price: $0.64


Hefty Kitchen Bags $3.98
Use $1.00/1 Hefty Trash Bags Coupon
Final Price: $2.98

Ajax Dish Liquid $1.87
Use $1.00/1 Ajax or Palmolive Coupon
Final Price: $0.87

Chinet Plates $2.36
Use $2.00/1 Chinet Lunch 36 or 72 ct. - 08-09-09 SS (exp. 9-30-2009)
Final Price: $0.36 Deal

Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush Starter Kit $6.28
Use $2.00/1 Scrubbing Bubbles Cleaning Gel
And Use: Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush 2-In-1 Starter Kit , Any (1) Free WYB (1) Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel, Any - 08-02-09 SS (exp. 9-27-2009)
Final Price: $1.94 for Both Items

Cascade Crystal Clear Rinse Agent $3.13 Many of us did not get this book
Use Free Coupon from Home Made Simple Coupon Book
Final Price: Free after Coupon

Scrubbing Bubbles Aerosol Cleaner, $2.00
$0.75/1 Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner, any - 08-02-09 SS (exp. 9-27-2009)

Final Price: $1.25 *NEW* Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts, $0.98
$1/2 Pop-Tarts, exp. 9-27-09 (Kellogg’s/Keebler Insert 8/2/09)
$1/2 Pop-Tarts Blueberry Muffin and/or Chocolate Banana Split, exp. 9-27-09 (Kellogg’s/Keebler Insert 8/2/09)
Final Price: $0.48
Thanks to Tara!

*NEW* Knorr Sides with Veggies, $1.25
$0.60/2 Knorr Rice or Pasta Product, exp. 9-27-09 (RP 8/2/09)
Final Price: $0.95

Edwards Pie Singles $1.17
Use the $1.00/1 Printable HERE or
Use the $1/2 from 7/26 SS and 6/14 SS
Final Price: $0.17 - $1.34 for 2 slices!

Mrs. Paul's Fish Sticks $4.56
Use the $3/1 Printable HERE
Use zip code: 62946
Final Price: $1.56

Hellmans may 2.00
Use $1 Printable HERE
Final Price: $1.00

Kashi cereal 2.50
Use $1.50 Printable HERE Coupon is for a specific flavor of cereal-not the crunch
Final Price: $1

VanCamps Pork & Beans (15-oz.) $0.50
$0.30/3 Any VanCamps Beans (SS 6/21/09)
Final Price: $0.40 each

Bumblebee Salad Kits, $1 School lunch!
$1/2 printable – when you become a fan
Final Price: $0.50

Jack Link’s Flamin’ Buffalo Chicken Nuggets
FREE Jack Link’s Flamin’ Buffalo Chicken Nuggets, exp. 9-30-09 (ALL YOU magazine August ‘09)
Final Price: FREE!

Kool-aid $0.20 + Great Value Sugar $2.14
Buy 10 packs of Kool-aid for $2
Use $2 off coupon wyb 10 Kool-aid & Sugar from 6/21 SS
Final Price: Free Kool-aid ($2.14)

Kingsford charcoal $5.47

KC Materpiece BBQ $2
Use $6 off pork when you buy Kingsford Charcoal + sauce printable HERE
Use FREE sauce coupon when you buy Kingsford Charcoal from recent insert
Final Price: Pork (ribs or whatever you like) + Charcoal + BBQ = $5.47
Look for $2 MIR on tearpads to make your OOP only $3.47

Santa Cruz Organic Lemonade $1.25 Hard to find in some locations!
$0.75/1 Santa Cruz Organic Product
Final Price: $0.50 a jar

Ball Freezer Jam, $1.54
$0.75/1 Ball Freezer Jam Pack, exp. 10-31-09 (RP 4/26/09)
Final Price: $0.79

Taco Bell Dinner Kits, $0.98
$1 off coupon
or $1 off from June All You Magazine
Final Price: FREE

A-1 Steak Sauce $2.43 This would be perfect for the steaks I thought of giving my brother for his B-day!
Use $2 coupon from 6/14
Final Price: $0.43

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese $0.50 per box
Use Buy 2 Get 1 Free coupon HERE
Final Price: Three boxes for $1.00

Borden Cheese Sensations, $1.88
Use $1/1 Borden Cheese Single Sensations, 8-30-09 (ALL YOU magazine June ‘09 issue)
Final Price: $0.88
Thanks to Tara!

Kraft Macaroni Shells and Cheese $1.00
$1.50/2 Printable HERE
Final Price: $0.25 each for 2

McCormick Seasoning Packets $0.50 - $1.00
Use 0.75/1 coupon from 4/5 insert
Final Price: FREE - $0.25 each

True North Peanut Nut Clusters 5.5 oz bags $1.00
Use with $1/1 coupon from SS 2/8/09 (exp. 9/30/09)
Final Price: FREE!!

Crunch and Munch, $1
$0.50 coupon HERE
Final Price: $0.50

Coffee-Mate $1.98
$1 off Coffee-Mate Printable
Final Price: $0.98


Adams Flea Collars, $0.97
$3/1 Adams Flea & Tick Products, exp. 12-31-09
Final Price: FREE or Money Maker!

Hartz Cat Treats coupon $0.97

Use the $1 off coupon HERE
Final Price: FREE! Some dogs like them too!

Purina Cat Food - Select Varities regular price $3.97
$4 off any bag of Purina PRINTABLE HERE
Final Price: FREE + $0.03 overage!

Purina Puppy Chow 4lb bag regular price $4.12
$4 off any bag of Purina PRINTABLE HERE sign up process takes some time
Final Price: $0.12

Purina Cat Food - Select Varieties regular price $3.97
$4 off any bag of Purina

Purina Puppy Chow 4lb bag regular price $4.12
$4 off any bag of Purina (making it .12 cents a bag)


Dove Deodorant, $0.97
$1/1 Dove Anti-Perspirant/Deodorants, exp. 8-30-09 (V 6/7/09)
Final Price: FREE!

Small packages of Kotex pads for only $1.00 each

$1 off from Smart source 6/14
Final Price: FREE!

The Original Reach floss is $0.99
Use the $1.00/1 Listerine Coupons
Final Price: FREE!

Aveeno baby wash $2.98 in the baby section
Use with $2/1 printable HERE
Final Price: $0.98


Take all of your wipes coupons to the store and look in the trial section and then in the baby/diaper. These make go wipes to keep in the car, classroom and for the pets.

Pull Up Wipes $1.64

Use $2.00/2 Pull Up Wipes Coupon
Final Price: $0.64

Johnson's Bedtime bath or Lotion $0.97 (trial size)
Use printable coupon $2/2 HERE (The coupon is for any size!)
Final Price: $0.06

Seventh Generation Wipes (about $2)

Use with $2 printable HERE
Final Price: FREE!

Sani Hands for Kids 18 count wipes for $1.00
$1/1 coupon from 11/08 (expires 12/09) I could never find the wipes but Dollar General Carries them!
Final Price: FREE!

Wet Ones, $0.92 to $0.97 (Trial Size)
$0.75/1 printable
$0.17 to $0.19 after coupon!


Rolaids Multi Symptom 3 Pack, $1.86
$1.00/1 Rolaids Product, Any (exp. 9-7-2009)
Final Price: $0.86
Thanks to Heather!

Midol Menstrual Relief, $3.77
$2.00/1 Midol, Any 24 ct. or Larger
Final Price: $1.77
Thanks to Heather!

Nexcare Bandages, $1.50
$1.00/1 Nexcare Bandages, Any
Final Price: $0.50

Johnson & Johnson Butterfly Clasp Bandages (10 ct., $1.52
$1.00/1 Johnson & Johnson Red Cross Product, Any 5/17 RP (exp. 8-31-2009)
Final Price: $0.52
Thanks to Heather!

Johnson & Johnson First Aid Kit (travel size) - $0.97 I could not find this in the coupons we got locally.

Use $1/1 coupon from the 5/17 RP
Final Price: FREE!

Dawn Foaming Dish Soap pump $2.47
Use $1.50/1 HMS Mailer
Final Price: $.97

ALL Laundry Detergent (40-loads) $2.50

Use $1/1 All or Surf Laundry Detergent, exp. 10-25-09 (RP 8/2/09)
Final Price: $1.50

Soft Scrub Scrubby Pads, $2.50

$1.00/1 Soft Scrub New Scrubby Pads HERE
Final Price: $1.50
Thanks to Heather!

Cascade dishwasher detergent 16 ct complete actionpacs, 20 ct actionpacs, or 75 oz powder $3.97

-$1.00 of coupon from p&g mailer
Final Price: $2.97 I believe these will get cheaper like at CVS

Brita Slim Pitcher $7.97 (I have heard that they are $5 at some Wal-Marts) $5 off coupon HERE
Final Price: Free to $2.97 each
Thanks to Jennifer!

Holiday Gift Ideas- little to no $$$

Classroom item coupons

Expo markers $1 off any! Coupon on

Shared via AddThis

Expo Marker Contest for Teacher $500

Have your students/parents nominate you as an expo educator and you could win about $500 to cover additional supplies for the year!

A non-tacky way to do it would be to include the address in your classroom newsletter and really talk up that $500 for more materials would be great.

Or link it to your account where older students could do it on their own. The form asks for a lot of student info such as DOB and last name which we teach them in school they should not give out on the Internet. Make sure they know to ask their parent first!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Free Clorox Wipes of rthe Classroom

Click here for a coupon for free wipes. You have to sign up to receive their emails, but for free wipes it seems ok. I just use my gmail address as I do for other coupons/deals. Keeps my other main email a little cleaner.

Free Scrubbing Bubbles Fall Cleanup Kit

Go here to sign up for a kit with free samples from Scrubbing Bubbles. First 10,000 people only!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Aldi Grocery

Near my home there is an Aldi in Stephens City. see below the items on sale this week and more info about the store. Kudos to momsneedtoknow for the details.

If you are unfamiliar with Aldi, they do not accept coupons nor do they accept credit cards or checks (cash and debit cards only). You will need to bring your own bags (or purchase them for a small fee) as well as a quarter for the cart. You get your quarter back when you return your cart.

I find Aldi to be a great source of inexpensive local produce and everyday low prices on dairy items. For example, a bag of baby carrots may be $1.50 at the grocery store, but only $.69 at Aldi. In addition, I like Aldi for the items for which there are often no coupons (or good coupons), or sales (things like pancake syrup, olive oil, etc.).

To find an Aldi near you, click here.

Deals This Week

Fit & Active No Sugar Added Fruit Snacks: $1.99

Bakers Treat Brownie Bites: $2.99

Sweet Harvest Applesauce Cups (4-pack): $.99

Peanut Delight (strawberry - this is like Goober Grape, and they do also have grape): $1.89

Peanut Delight Peanut Butter (40 oz): $2.89

Happy Farms Cheese Snack Sticks: $2.49

Happy Farms Cheese Spread Singles: $1.49

Lunch Buddies Dipping Snacks: $2.79

Fit & Active Drizzled Mini Crisps: $1.99

Fit & Active Chewy Granola Bars: $1.79

Southern Grove Nut Mix: $3.49

Kirkwood Chicken Rings: $3.99

Appleton Brown & Serve Links: $.89

Breakfast Best Buttermilk Pancakes: $2.99

Jumpy’s Potato Snacks: $3.49

Clancy’s Cheddar & Sour Cream Chips: $1.29

Clancy’s Pretzel Minis Multipack: $2.49

Cattlemen’s Ranch Roast Beef: $5.69

Mama Cozzi’s Mini Pizzas: $3.29

Kid Cuisine chicken Nuggets: $1.89

Nesquik Chocolate Milk Mix: $3.29

Belmont Imported Strawberry Shortcake: $4.99

Krusteaz Supreme Bar Mix: $1.99

Bon Italia Overstuffed Ravioli or Spaghetti Rings: $1.89

Fit & Active Flavored beverages (4-pack): $1.69

Mixade Light Drink Mix: $1.75

Mixade Drink Mix: $1.49

Welch’s 100% Fruit Juice (24 pack): $12.99

Crab Rangoon: $1.99

Cream Cheese Wontons: $1.99

Chicken Mini Eggs Rolls: $1.99b

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Home Cleaning Solution

As I prepared my classroom today and nearly fumigated myself along with the others in my hall with industrial (yet school safe they say), I decided to bring my own homemade cleaner with me to school tomorrow!

Tired of buying all of those expensive cleaners that take the nail polish right off your fingers? Got allergies or have sensitive pets such as birds?

Have I got a great solution for you! And of course you will save tons of money.
Start by gathering some rinsed out spray bottles!