Monday, June 14, 2010

~~Make money selling your old books~~

Sell Used Books Online - Quick Cash, Free Shipping, Free Quotes!
~~Make money selling your old books~~
~~Make money selling your old books~~

So I heard about this company that will buy your old books and I have plenty to share.

I am thinking about ordering their barcode scanner which is $5 for the week, scan in as many books as you have and then send the unit back to them and they make offers on the books they want, and they pay for shipping of the books.  All money can be dumped into your account which in my case goes to directly to my checking account!

If you don't have a paypal account, you should sign up for and have at least one in the family.  It is the way folks pay for ebay purchases and now you can also use it on some websites to pay for purchases.  Free signup-do it before you find you need it! 

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Block Buster Movie Vending Unit Codes~Free Movie~~

Here are some codes to try at the BLUE vending units for blockbuster.  Here on the East Coast you can find them outside the Sheetz stores.










From a previous post of mine....

This is a blue vending unit now available at our local Sheetz store in Woodstock and Mt. Jackson and Front .  All movies are $1 usually and you will need a credit/debit card to secure the free ones as well. This is to ensure that they recognize your account (use same card for returning the movies) and they have financial security if you fail to return the movie.  They will just charge your card!  Ouch.

All movies are due by 9 pm the following day to avoid having to pay an additional $1 to rent the movie another 24 hours.

Get another free code/coupon for a rental just for registering! Register for Blockbuster Express emails These codes are limit 1 per credit card.

My personal steps to getting a movie-

1-Upload these codes to your smartphone via google docs or an email. If you have a standard phone type them into your address book with the heading of blockbuster! You could also use scrap paper!

2-Find the blue kiosk. The red ones are Redbox and you can google for similar codes to use with those.

3- Follow the screen prompts to pick a movie, scan your credit/debit card and then prepare to type in your email address. You might get communication via email with your account info. I never saw might but it might go to my spam folder.

4- movies are due back by 9pm next day- same kiosk- bring the same credit/debit card.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Taco Bell- Free drink!

Taco Bell- Free drink!

Taco Bell is offering a coupon for a free Limeade Sparkler from now till 7/11 or until 500,000 coupons have been printed.

They describe the drink as a refreshing mix of cool lemon-lime soda, REAL lime juice and natural cherry flavor poured over ice and garnished with a REAL lime wedge.

Thanks to Joe Fruggal who blogs at