Sunday, January 31, 2010 can help you save $$$

If you haven't tried now is the time!

It can save you money as well as time by showing you your favorite money saving blogs as well as keeping you bookmarks handy no matter if you are at home, work or on vacation.
As seen in the screen capture above, igoogle serves as your startup page. It is not your own webpage as it is available only to you. However, it should be one of the very first pages you look at daily.
Notice that mine has everything from Facebook, blogs, my google calender and even the TV Guide! I am checking about ten sites at once! What a time saver!
So do yourself a favor and sign up for a FREE account. Before you get started consider getting another email account-specifically a gmail account at This email has the ability to link into igoogle and it will also serve to be the email to use for coupon and savings signups.
Go through the various "themes" which help you to choose colors and cute characters for the top of your google page. On the rigth try the ADD ONs features to select a few items that that might add handy features to your page such as moon pashes and the stock market reports.
On a future post I will lead you into adding a few blogs to your page via RSS!
Stayed tuned for a future post on how to

January 29, 2010 Frugal Friday Chats

This past week a few of us talked about lunch time deals. We are forming an after work group called Frugal Fridays. Before we dash out the door for the weekend, we will take a few moments to chat about ways we save money.

Burger King
In our area all have a survey on the back of the receipts. When you take the survey via telephone, they give you a code to write down on the receipt that is good for a FREE Whooper. In the fine print they say you have to get a fry and drink, but I got a $1 salad and a $1 drink at the drive thru with no problems. Save that new receipt and do the same thing all over again. Every couple of weeks I like to redeem them for a frugal lunch!


While we all got the Burger King mailer with coupons, the majority of us found the food items not to be such a great deal and many were not the healthiest.

I was happy to use this coupon even though I had to buy a 24oz drink and another 6" sub.

The drink was in a huge reusable cup. I got the Subway Club on wheat with no sauce or cheese. That is 6 ww points for those that count!

Some of us got a Subway gift card from the parent organization for $5. When I was done I owed $1.81 and had lunch for the next day as well.

One thing I just learned is that there is a Subway sub card that you can have "punched" for every sub you buy. Once you get so many you get a free sub!

I must say that this seems healthy but I am thinking the $5 foot long may have given me the same good value for my dollar. I did not really need that drink!

Click on the link above and create your own sub. When you are all done a coupon is sent via email.