Sunday, January 31, 2010

January 29, 2010 Frugal Friday Chats

This past week a few of us talked about lunch time deals. We are forming an after work group called Frugal Fridays. Before we dash out the door for the weekend, we will take a few moments to chat about ways we save money.

Burger King
In our area all have a survey on the back of the receipts. When you take the survey via telephone, they give you a code to write down on the receipt that is good for a FREE Whooper. In the fine print they say you have to get a fry and drink, but I got a $1 salad and a $1 drink at the drive thru with no problems. Save that new receipt and do the same thing all over again. Every couple of weeks I like to redeem them for a frugal lunch!


While we all got the Burger King mailer with coupons, the majority of us found the food items not to be such a great deal and many were not the healthiest.

I was happy to use this coupon even though I had to buy a 24oz drink and another 6" sub.

The drink was in a huge reusable cup. I got the Subway Club on wheat with no sauce or cheese. That is 6 ww points for those that count!

Some of us got a Subway gift card from the parent organization for $5. When I was done I owed $1.81 and had lunch for the next day as well.

One thing I just learned is that there is a Subway sub card that you can have "punched" for every sub you buy. Once you get so many you get a free sub!

I must say that this seems healthy but I am thinking the $5 foot long may have given me the same good value for my dollar. I did not really need that drink!

Click on the link above and create your own sub. When you are all done a coupon is sent via email.


  1. Burger King update. Spent $2.20 for a Value menu tea, value menu salad, and my free Whooper!

  2. I love Subways pizza!


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