Monday, September 7, 2009

Food Lion 9/5/09 Pictures of Deals

My Food Lion Deals Sept 5, 2009
missing from the photo is another Reese cup and diet coke
And I will return for more strawberries as the FLIP ends Sept 8th

3-Individual Reese Peanut Butter Cups
@.89 regular
-1.35 MVP BOG1F
-.89 Q BOG1F
-.55 Q off any Reese
+12cents they owed me! :-)

-.49 MVP deal (2.50)
-1.00 FLIP I forgot it though so I paid the extra $1
1.50 not bad and I need for breakfast/lunch

6-Nabisco Cheez its and cookies 12ct bags in a box
@5.89 Regular
-6@-.90 MVP which makes them 4.99
-3 Qs @ 1.00 each
27.98 give or take a penny
-10 mail in Back to school rebate
17.98 for 6 boxes about 2.99 each with 12 in each box that is less and a 25 cents a piece! Right?

Not back-maybe use as a class reward or something. What about giving out at Halloween?

2-Kraft American Singles- white was the only one that had a sales sticker
@3/6.86 so 2.28reg
-1.24 MVP
-1.00 Q off 2
subtotal 4.56
after MVP 3.32
after Q 2.32
each 1.16
Good deal

My total on receipt says 38.72 saved 14.71

2.50 for the berries
27.98 for the snacks till I mail in rebate
2.32 cheese
Had to get father in law extended life milk 3.49 and caffeine free diet coke on sale for 2.50 -deduct 5.49 from my grocery bill as he pays me back.

38.29 11th the rest being tax.......not too bad really! Gotta do that refund today though


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