Friday, September 4, 2009

Give up your dryer and find $$$ andh get exercise!

So the first thing to go from my monthly pay deductions was my gym membership! I mean really-we could all get a work out by cleaning our homes....some of us even do leg weights.

So in Spring 2009 I said good bye to my dryer. It will now be a rare occasion to use it.

I hang all of my clothes outside. Be advised that you should hang them in an organized fashion and use clothespins. Hide the underwear over in the far corners just in case google earth snaps a pic or the minister decides to pay you a surprise visit!

If it is raining or late in the day till you get home, hang them on hangers in your basement! I have a dehumidifier which we often have to run and they get dry really fast.

And lastly, I would like to say that I now know why Mike's grandmother had a string with clothespins all the way across the attic. I never took it down thankfully. I will give you a clue-rhymes with recession! My winter plan!

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