Monday, October 25, 2010

Free Orange Frozen Drink at Taco Bell

Free Orange Drink
A smooth, frozen orange and vanilla crème flavor dessert drink.

Ok, orange may not be my favorite, but for FREE I am willing to try this!  Little "cupcake" and I are  ridin solo tonight and I am headed to Taco Bell for a couple Chalupas and trip to Food Lion.  "Cupcake" will have leftover chicken cause human food and her would never mix.  Then I'll slip over to Food Lion using my cheat sheet I made from

This coupon expires 10/31/2010 so hurry!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Walmart Deals- Nearly FREE photos

I just good back from Walmart (Saturday 10/23/2010) and this early morning trip appears to have gone to the dogs! I had to get my little "cupcake" some cool doggie snacks and she was also out of the standard Puperoni!  I can't be out of that!

Pup-peroni $3.33- $1 Printable ofund on the Internet  I will settle for any Puperoni coupons

Cesar Dog treats were $2.98 but I had a standard clipped coupon for $2 off each! Only 98 cents! She has Prime Rib Flavor and Chicken now!

Bumble Bee Salmon Pouch 1.92 Save $1 off 2 coupon.  "Cupcake" loves a salmon treat!

Then I cashed in my FREE 2 5x7 Greeting card coupon which I found in one of those little insert mags in the newspaper a while back.  I had Cathy in the photo department lead me through it but I am a little disappointed because the coupons said CARDS and I got  5x7s and no envelopes.  Maybe we hit the worng option but if I had to pay full price I would not get them again.  Cost me 8 cents for two pictures on my "cupcake" so I can't complain too much!

Of course I got other things at Walmart including costume fabric!   You have got to see what I am making!

What did you find today?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Free Tissues

It is like a new age chain letter, but in a good way! 

Stop by the Kleenex web site and  take a turn sharing a sample pack with a friend who then sends one to another friend and you get to see you "chain" of tissue boxes on the Internet.  Hopefully someone sees fit to send you one as well!

Have fun!