Saturday, October 23, 2010

Walmart Deals- Nearly FREE photos

I just good back from Walmart (Saturday 10/23/2010) and this early morning trip appears to have gone to the dogs! I had to get my little "cupcake" some cool doggie snacks and she was also out of the standard Puperoni!  I can't be out of that!

Pup-peroni $3.33- $1 Printable ofund on the Internet  I will settle for any Puperoni coupons

Cesar Dog treats were $2.98 but I had a standard clipped coupon for $2 off each! Only 98 cents! She has Prime Rib Flavor and Chicken now!

Bumble Bee Salmon Pouch 1.92 Save $1 off 2 coupon.  "Cupcake" loves a salmon treat!

Then I cashed in my FREE 2 5x7 Greeting card coupon which I found in one of those little insert mags in the newspaper a while back.  I had Cathy in the photo department lead me through it but I am a little disappointed because the coupons said CARDS and I got  5x7s and no envelopes.  Maybe we hit the worng option but if I had to pay full price I would not get them again.  Cost me 8 cents for two pictures on my "cupcake" so I can't complain too much!

Of course I got other things at Walmart including costume fabric!   You have got to see what I am making!

What did you find today?

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