Wednesday, February 24, 2010

FREE Singular

FREE Singular

I can't believe it!  My perscription for Singular was just rung up at CVS for $0.00!  It retails for $131.11 and I would have paid about $35 with my insurance.

So to all those that doubt the use of coupons- THINK AGAIN!

When I was at my allergist last month I mentioned that I would like to start taking it as I should and be a better patient.  I just hate to take medication- except for the occasional  Migraine Excedrin.  Well the nurse was kind enough to take me up front and give me a hard card stock type coupon of sorts.  I figured I would still owe about $10, but free is good!

If your doctor does not have that coupon (Good on a new script only) try this $20 off deal.

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