Thursday, February 4, 2010

Snow learning time!

Your challenge is to learn one new Technology Concept when snowed in!

Facebook or

**If you know igoogle already- become a more advanced user!**

So several of us got an personal startup page made last week. You can try to make yours at home-since we may be there for a while.

Virginia forecast is 16-24 inches at the least starting at noon on Feb. 5, 2010!

Instead of your "home page" being or you might choose to make it (you don't have too- I just type mine in all the time) Once you create an account-customize the colors on the igoogle page then try some of the add ons.

I have the google calendar (which I sync to my blackberry), moon phases (cause as a teacher it is good to have the heads up), the weather app, and the tvguide app. Oh yes, I also have the facebook app!

So try to learn something new over these snow days! igoogle or facebook will bring you up to speed with modern computing methods.

And for my advanced igoogle users- try subscribing to these popular money saving/interesting blogs. Remember to look for the orange icon on the blogs that looks like radio signals or sound waves. This is RSS feed and you choose google and add to my google page. You will be surprised how easy it is! Everytime you go to igoogle you will see what has recently happened on the blogs-ALL ON ONE PAGE!

Each of the following has that orange button RSS feed somewhere on the right side usually. A blog I started- more suited for beginners! or those that want a laugh! A picture of my account is there! Did you know that their is a Disney Visa-you earn points that can be used to get there! Food Lion Deals are posted here! Tutorials on how to start getting free items! drugstore and other savings! Product reviews and money saving ideas places where kids eat free and coupons a SW VA website on saving money! This weeks post is buying a car with cash and learning how to pay down debt! junkit 2010 is their theme this week! Also store deals. Just for fun this is that new plant nursery in Toms Brook!

Get this done and then google docs will soon be your friend as well!

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