Friday, February 19, 2010

Frugal Friday~Free Movie & Movie Tip

Frugal Friday~Free Movie & Movie Tip

This week during our "Frugal Friday" face to face session, our talk seemed to center around movies.

I myself do not spend money to go out to movies very often and rental is almost unheard of these days in our family.  Thanks to the Internet, I have been scoring a free movie rental code about once a week.

Blockbuster blue video rental units can currently be found in our area including the local Sheetz gas station! Just go to google and looking up "Blockbuster code" from time to time to find a current code.

BBXDVD1 is a Blockbuster vending code until 2/28/2010

As we sat around the table we started talking about movies we had seen and those we own.  We quickly figured out that it would be neat to find a system that would allow us to share our movies with each other.  A few of us agreed that a system similar to the old way of checking out library books would allow use to securely share movies with others. 

Stay tuned to see if one of these Frugal Fridays, we actually do a movie rental/exchange.

Until then, grab an old time popcorn popper, some cheap corn and your free movie and enjoy a relaxing night at home!

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