Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What changes have you made to save money?

What changes have you made to save money?

Here is my list for the past few years.....
http://www.myfamily.com/ Gave up Subscription $39- another family member to be administrator
Silkies automatic pantyhose delivery about $48 every few months
Professionaly Done Nails $40 monthly (They needed a break anyway)
Gym Membership $42
Re-evaluated life insurance and cashed in one policy for $3000
Began to buy new CFL light bulbs
Gave up P. Buckley Moss Society Membership/prints $55 a year

 Give up local newspaper subscription. $79.50
304B contribution reduced to $100 from $500 (No raise in salary this year)
Work on couponing and stockpile more
Sell more on ebay
Learn to quickly transfer money from checking to money market
Do not renew Family Fun subscription and any others coming due.
Keeping Washington Post only on Sundays only for coupons
Open a savings account at the credit union for 2.5% interest!

Looked over credit Card Statements for recurring payments. Chek out more about this HERE!
(We found a set of three magizine subscriptions that have apparently been on there for 3 years!  We never agreed to them and in total they would be close to $300!  Currently disputing the charge!)

Consider getting a flea market space to sell old items and declutter faster than the time it takes to do ebay.

Switch to a better rewards credit card for personal and another for business.  We currently have LL Bean and Cabelas which give certificates to use on clothing/gifts.  Considering a Disney Rewards card!

Transfer all extra checking account and money market cash to that 2.5% credit union account.  Maybe make a seperate one for a vacation or Christmas fund.  Why have I not done that already?

Get all holiday and birthday shopping done by June...the rest of the time can be for the enjoyment of the holiday season! We also would save $$$$. 

Create a blog that might one day bring in some revenue.

Work on a back up plan for the day job by doing freelance writing and getting my manuscripts out to publishers. http://www.elance.com/

Really work harder on saving electric by using a check off list weekly!

Install gas fired hot water on demand unit and insulate our attic!

Inspire us by posting your own saving goals and consider following this blog!

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