Monday, February 22, 2010

Restaurant Deal Alert

Restaurant Deal Alert

I was alerted today by a fellow teacher that there are coupons for local restaurants worth $25 but you pay just $2.  I believe this is the link she was talking about 

They sell $25 gift certificates for just $10 normally.  Restuarants sign up to do this as another means of marketing and drawing new folks to their location.

Other savings websites on the Internet have posted a special promo type code to use when ordering that makes them just $2 instead of $10! Use the code: SAVOR at checkout (valid through 2/28) to save.

Mike and I tried this once down at   IJ Canns  in Winchester, VA.  There is a minimum purchase and you need to give them the certificate as the tip was calculate don the full amount for us.  That was a little different but we did save a good bit. Really make sure you read the rules before you buy them as you most oftne HAVE to have two people and two dinner entrees.  No carry out.

So thanks to Melissa M. and a shout out to all other Special Education teachers out there for giving me an idea of a deal to post!

My thanks to savingcentswithsense who came up in 
google when I went looking for the code to use!

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