Friday, February 12, 2010

Save money and pack lunch!

Save money and pack lunch!

Even buying an adult lunch in a school cafeteria adds up. At approximately $2.50 a day and you  have spent $50 a month on low quality food.   Save that money and buy some steaks!

Here you see my lunch. Healthy including steam carrot s and brown rice, but I know that first day of the week I might need something salty, sweet, or pure candy so I am taking along a little sampling of snacks for the desk drawer. 

You can save money by keeping snacks like this in your desk drawer. Sized just right they also save $$$ as the going rate is at least .60 from a vending machine and these cost .25.

See where doing the Math and planning ahead can save you money?  Run to the store and take your coupons.  Stock up when there are good deals!

Bring your own drink too. You can see I have two, one with water and one sweet tea. I might even bring a can of coke which would sell for $1.25...but of course I got them for dirt cheap on sale. Some folks even keep a variety of drinks in the back of the car in a cooler. One post on a blog mentioned a gallon of spring water in a cooler for bottle refills.

So what ways can you think of to save on lunch?

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